Novel planner tools: 7 tips to propel your progress

Using novel planner tools helps you build a story with purpose. Whether you use a step-by-step, prompted outlining process like Now Novel’s dashboard or other story software, try these tips to for planning and making progress: Making better story progress with planning tools: 7 tips Set aside time to learn your novel planner Plan and […]

Novel editing insights: 9 big lessons from critique

Editing fiction provides many learning opportunities. Guiding authors and helping them align what they’re saying to what they want to say takes a precise set of skills, but also delivers expansive writing insights with every completed project. Read 9 insights from working as a fiction editor (plus take-home ideas for self-editing your work): Novel editing […]

How to create a plot and guarantee a better story

Acclaimed authors have often said that it’s not plot that matters, but rather story. Yet knowing how to create a plot that uses universal storytelling elements such as action and reaction, incident and coincidence, helps you grab and keep your reader’s attention. Learn how to come up with a plot for a better story: How […]

Interview: Writing and poetic process with Natasha Bredle

We spoke to poet and aspiring author Natasha Bredle about her poetry, being a younger writer with a cause and what inspires her. About Natasha and what drives her storytelling Jordan: Hi Natasha, thank you for sharing news about publication of your poems. You’ve been a Now Novel member since February 2021. In this relatively […]

How to develop a story idea: 7 essential exercises

Learning how to develop a story idea comes with practice and staying curious. These 7 story development exercises will help you ask questions and flesh out rudimentary ideas with greater substance and detail: How to develop your story from first ideas: Ask expansive, hypothetical questions Do character development exercises Use the news to develop story […]

9 exposition examples: How to write clear introductions

There are many types of exposition in stories, in literature, film and other media. Exposition introduces your reader to important and intriguing details of your story – who, what, why, where and when. Read 9 exposition examples that show how to introduce characters, settings and scenarios memorably: What to look for in exposition examples in […]

How to write an adventure story: Creating amazing journeys

Adventure stories were many readers’ first introduction to the joy of reading. What is an adventure story? How do you write an imaginative, engrossing journey? Learn about key adventure story elements, plus tips to write incredible journeys : What is an adventure story? As Don D’Ammassa writes in The Encyclopedia of Adventure Fiction, all stories […]

Writing a book online? 8 vital questions answered

Writing a book online comes with many questions and choices. For example, what is the best website to write your book on? How much money can you make from writing a book and self-publishing on Amazon’s KDP or joining a platform with a per-reader revenue sharing scheme? Here are 8 questions we answer often: 8 […]

Story planner success: How to organize your novel

Being a story planner is not necessarily vital for success. Some writers swear by seeing where a loose, less structured writing process takes them. Yet this may take longer, and there are other risks to having no story scaffolding. Learn how to organize your novel using methods such as online story planners and tools, annotation […]

What are good topics for novels? 14 ways to find winners

Whether you’re between projects or planning on writing your first book, there are many ways to decide what are good novel topics. Here are 14 ideas for how to find book topics: What are good book topics? 14 story starters: Use Google News Search the classifieds/back pages Create a game of unexpected connections Write back […]