How to write multiple points of view in a novel: 8 tips

How do you write multiple points of view in a novel? More importantly why have multiple viewpoint narrators in your novel? Read on for 8 tips on writing books with multiple narrators, with practical POV examples from Barbara Kingsolver and others and a POV exercise by Ursula K. Le Guin: How to write novels with […]

How to publish a memoir: My two best tips

Now Novel co-founder Bridget McNulty’s book, The Grief Handbook: A guide through the worst days of your life is being published internationally (in the UK, US and South Africa) this week. Here are her two best tips on how to publish a memoir: I’ve been thinking a lot about what advice I would give to […]

How to start a novel: First chapter examples that hook

Mastering how to start a novel with promise, intrigue or riveting suspense is important for hooking your reader fast. Read first chapter examples from diverse genres that give eight insights on how to write better beginning sentences and paragraphs: How to start a novel that grabs attention: 8 ideas Raise questions with your first line […]

Your goals in writing: 10 ideas to keep them

Keeping to your goals in writing is hard. Maybe balancing creative ‘me’ time and office time grew harder while working from home. Or you commute a lot. Or you have young children who require the lion’s share of your focus. Sticking to your goals is easier with SMART, quantitative goals. Here are ten ideas to […]

Writing circle pros: 8 reasons to share your story

What is a writing circle or workshop? It’s a space (either online or in person) to share and discuss writing and grow. Read 8 reasons to join a writing circle and find accountability while building rapport with other writers: Writing circle benefits: A simple list Stay accountable to writing goals Learn from writers of all […]

Tips when writing a book: Top 10 from Now Novel’s webinars

Many tips to remember to when writing a book are shared in writing seminars, interviews, critique circles and webinars around the world. Here are ten curated from Now Novel’s monthly writing webinars where authors from 5 continents come together to discuss writing craft: Remember these tips when writing a book: Choose SMART and attainable goals […]

Author interview: Writing historical romance with Fil Reid

We interview Now Novel member Fil Reid who recently won Dragonblade Publishing’s “The Write Stuff” contest about writing historical romance. About Fil and her winning publishing contest entry Jordan: Hi Fil, thank you for sharing the news that you won Dragonblade Publishing’s contest and a historical romance publishing contract. Please tell us a little about […]

Writing focus: 9 ways to improve yours

When you’re writing, your focus isn’t ‘on’ every day of the week. Improve your writing focus so you can get to work and finish your story. Try these 9 strategies for the busy writer: 9 ways to build your focus to write: Start with freewriting Keep active Plan ahead Remove distractions Join a writing sprint […]